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Details Make the Difference
Ophthalmic / Retina Lenses

Retina Lenses 90D 78D 20D

Deeper Observation, Better Diagnosis

retina lenses

The retinal lens is an ideal choice for general examination and retinal imaging. It is used to observe the fundus of patients and is often used with slit lamp microscope. The slit lamp lens can provide high magnification, a wide field of vision, and clear images, which can help doctors correctly diagnose eye diseases and other symptoms of patients.


20D Retina Lens
Magnification ratio 3.13 X
Static FOV 46°
Working Distance (mm) 50
Clear Aperture(mm) Ø48
Dimension: Ø56 x 20

78D Retina Lens
Magnification ratio 0.93X
Static FOV 81.4°
Working Distance (mm) 8
Clear Aperture(mm) Ø26
Dimension: Ø33 x 15

90D Retina Lens
Magnification ratio0.76X
Static FOV74.2°
Working Distance (mm) 7
Clear Aperture(mm) Ø21
Dimension:Ø27 x 13