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Details Make the Difference
Post on 2023-06-30

Placido VS Scheimpflug

Principle of Placido Disc

Placido disc is used to project a set of concentric rings on cornea surface, then the shape of corneal surface can be characterized by assessing the refection of rings off the anterior corneal surface and the cornea curvature and the cornea power will be calculated from the data of thousands of points on the rings.

Principle of Scheimpflug Camera
 The Scheimpflug camera is a modification of the slit-lamp camera that the depth of focus is highly improved. Its slit beam, camera lens, and CCD sensor intersect in a line where a cross-section of the eye appears in focus.

Scheimpflug camera will take cross-sectional images of the eye in 3 dimensions by revolving around the optical axis, then the entire anterior segment can be rendered sharply.

Advantages of Scheimpflug Technology