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Dental / Dental Surgical Microscope - SM620

Dental Surgical Microscope SM620

Digital Dental Microscope Treatment Multiple Filter Modes

Telemedical Modern Dental Microscope SM620

MediWorks’ dental microscope SM620 allows you to see the details and structure of the patient's teeth, improving the quality of dental surgery. The zoom and multi-function knobs of the dental microscope can enhance the visualization of anatomical details and structures. The dental surgery microscope is an indispensable instrument for dental surgery. MediWorks can provide dentists with affordable dental microscope solutions.

Telemedical Modern Root Canal Treatment


Advantages of Dental Surgical Microscope


● 4 in 1 Digital Module

The SM620 is an upgraded version of the basic dental microscope, which is equipped with an extender, a beam splitter, a rotating ring, and a 4K HD digital output. The SM620 integrates the functions of 4 modules, which not only improves the optical performance but also reduces the weight of the accessories. The module’s 4K high-definition digital, low noise, high sensitivity, and the output image color is true and delicate.


● Single Finger Control

Without leaving the handle, you can reach the magnification knob, multi-function knob and variofocus objective lens with up sitting position.

● Multiple Filter Modes

The light source modes in the SM620 multi-function knob include orange filter, white light source, green filter, and fluorescence light source.

Orange Filter: Used for material filling, can prevent resin material curing too fast.

White light source: Using the best medical LED light source with high CRL, excellent color restoration, and uniformity of lighting spot.

Green filter: Using for observing the small vessels and bleeding points in the blood environment.

Fluorescence light source: The fluorescence mode supports dentists' distinguish decay. Clear visual differentiation helps you confirm the affected area.


White light source

Using the best medical LED light source with high CRI, excellent color restoration and uniformity of lighting spot .


Orange filter

Used for material filling, can prevent resin material curing too fast.


Green filter

Using for observing the small vessels and bleeding points in the blood environment.


Fluorescence light source

The fluorescence mode supports dentists distinguish decay. Clear visual differentiation helps you confirm affected area.

● Super Balance Arm System

By adjusting the balance of the double joints, the main mirror of the dental surgical microscope is always in a balanced state and can be hovered at any position, providing a smooth and comfortable operating experience for the doctor.


● Information Display

SM620 can visually display the light source mode to feedback the zoom factor in real time, display the brightness adjustment status, and create a better surgical treatment environment.

● Continuous zoom system

MediWorks’ dental surgical microscope can adjust the magnification continuously without interruption, effectively reducing the discomfort caused by the switching of the field of view, allowing the doctor to focus more on the treatment.

● Cutting-edge Optical Lens

Importing optical leans with apochromatic Design (APO), able to remove the color difference, improve articulation index and increase the depth of field.

● Variofocus Objective

The variable working distance of dental microscope SM620 can reach 200 to 430mm.

Dental Microscope Parts

Except for the 4 in 1 module of SM620, any kinds of accessories are offered, either, and an upgrade of medical dental microscope would be achieved. Various objectives, Binocular extender, digital camera adapter, 4 in 1 module, Binocular extender & beam splinter, CCD adapter, Rotation Ring, Digital camera interface, 3D mobile phone interface are optional.



Dental surgical microscopeClassicProPro+
180° tiltable binocular with PD adjustment
12.5x wide-field eyepieces, diopter adjustable of eyepiece +/-7D
IPD 52-75mm
FOV 65mm-10mm
Multi-Function Knob
Information Display
Illumination Intensity >70000lx(F250)
Built-in LED

Varifocal 120, F=200-320mm
Varifocal 230, F=200-430mm
Dust Cap for Objective Lens

Orange filter & Green filter
Fluorescence Module (For SM620 ONLY, Preinstalled by MediWorks ONLY) opt.
APO Design

30° Binocular Extender with Built-in Beam Splitter
4 in 1 module: Binocular Extender & Beam Splitter & Rotation Ring & 4K Integrated Camera (Foot swith associated)
Digital camera adaptor (Optional: Sony, Canon or Nikon)
360° Cell Phone Adaptoropt.opt.
External Adapter for CCDopt.opt.
Built-in Battery and HDMI Cable (Optional camera type: Sony, Canon or Nikon)

Mounting SystemClassicProPro+
Floor standing, Ceiling Mount, Wall Mount

25° Binocular Rotation Ring
Foot switch (Optional camera type: Sony, Canon or Nikon)
Iris Diaphragm (Increase the depth of field)opt.opt.opt.

Balance ArmClassicProPro+
Balance arm
Superb balance arm